Below are a few tid-bits that delve into the opinions, lifestyles, and adventures of freelance models and the photographers we work with.


Body Painted

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In cooperation with Alex Stout of Dark Angel Productions 

Uncut Footage

Jerry's Glamour Workshop

Jerry Johnson has been the kingpin for glamour photography workshops in Seattle for decades! I have posed for his group a handful of times, and brought my film maker to document this important aspect of freelance modeling! 

Justine Marie: Alt Model

Stunningly beautiful, fearless, and pleasantly friendly: this is Justine Marie! Behind her dark tattoos and piercing eyes is an organized professional artist with a sharp mind and an eloquent dialect! She has worked hard to gain her status as a successful full time freelance model!

This paint job was for a Wild Animal themed party's flyer! Robert Contreras is a skilled artist with 35 years of experience. He paints canvas, shirts, guitars, murals, and human bodies for independent photo shoots and events! I LOVE being body painted! Each time is fun and unique :)

Floofie: Art-nude model

This model from Portland is a down to earth cat lover who poses nude! Floofie is a kindred spirit and of the most beautiful women I have met! Last year she made the leap of faith from working a part-time job to becoming a full time travelling model! 

Sneak Previews 

Brianna Michaela: The Go-Getter

Brianna is a rising star model! She currently still has a day job but is earnestly striving to become a full time freelance model. Modeling has become a motivator for Brianna to become more health conscious, and she has dropped 25 lbs as a result! In addition to her inspiring fitness, she has sharpened her people skills, networking, and business savvy through pursuing modeling!

Electrical tape

Modeling is especially fun when the photographer has a super creative, custom-for-my-body-type style shoot involving a less-known medium: electrical tape!  John M Studios creates the design, applies the tape to my body, and I rip the tape off afterwards!!! More footage of the whole shoot, and interview with John M Studios will be featured in the Film!

Astro: Fem-Dom

Likely the kinkiest woman I have met, Astro is a professional Dominatrix, fetish model, and web-cam girl. Unashamed of her true (kinky) self, Astro genuinely loves her life!

Wonderhussy! The Adventuress

Sarah Jane- aka WonderHussy -  is as transparent and down to earth as a human being can be! In her own words, "I am a foul-mouthed, flat-chested bon vivant and adventuress who likes to curse, drink, smoke and run around nude, and I refuse to kow-tow to the bourgeois moral code of the day. I’ve lived in Vegas over ten years, and have a few stories to tell." 

Liquid Light shoot

What will these freelance photographers come up with next?! This was quite a trippy concept, and Studio 5 Graphics was kind enough to allow the video camera to capture each phase of this unique art form! More footage to be released in the film!

Sierra Mckenzie: the inspiration

Through battling her own self esteem, society's standards, and ridicule from tactless blog trolls, Sierra Mckenzie has forged the path for freelance modeling and inspired women across the country!  Her openness and honesty of her hourglass measurements and un-photoshopped images is the foundation for her success! Sierra is likely the most courageous model I have met! I am also astounded by her devotion for advocating the concept of freelance modeling!

Chrissy Marie: The Girl Next Door

We interviewed Chrissy Marie for her appearance in the film "Bring Something Sexy" while at the Maidens in Paradise Group Shoot in Southern California! You might recognize her from her appearance in Penthouse Magazine,, or in one of the many lingerie catalogs where she has been published! Her lovely body is all natural, her personality is inviting, and her dedication to modeling has built her a reputation as a successful freelance model!