Body positivity is a massive movement: engaging the country and the world! Finally, here is an independent film about unconventional freelance models. The documentary film crew followed traveling model Kristy Jessica, who strives to enlighten women everywhere that models no longer need to fit the unrealistic tall and slender stereotype to succeed. 

Several indie muses and artists are involved in this expose:

    “We all have different boobs, different butts, different legs, we’re all different!” -Tattooed Alt model Justine Marie

    “Even huge businesses are starting to cast more ‘real looking people’, and freelancers can fill that role…” -Body Positive advocate model Sierra Mckenzie

    “It’s not about looking like what everyone looks like in a magazine … we can form our own type of business” - Freelance model Brianna Michaela

     Filming for “Bring Something Sexy” began in Seattle and followed Kristy to several creative photo shoots. In a leap of faith, she made the journey to Southern California to attempt to make a name for herself. Insecurities and religious family dramas color Kristy’s quest throughout this revealing documentary, and now the Seattle Transmedia and Independent Film Festival has chosen to feature it!

Announcing the World Premiere of Bring Something Sexy

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Bring Something Sexy: A Documentary about Freelance Modeling


A Seattle Documentary about Freelance Modeling

Produced by Alex Stout of Dark Angel Productions, in cooperation with Tony Gasperetti